Jas Kalsi

Consultant - Male fertility specialist

Jas Kalsi

Specialist in

Male infertility

Male sexual & genital conditions (andrology)

Microsurgery (vasectomy reversal, varicocele & sperm retrieval) in high-risk cases

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Mr Kalsi is an international expert in male infertility and male sexual and genital conditions (andrology). He is a specialist in the use of microsurgery (vasectomy reversal, varicocele and sperm retrieval) especially in high risk and hard to treat cases. Mr Kalsi’s approach to problem-solving is sensitive and friendly.

Mr Kalsi’s meticulous microsurgical technique results in successful sperm retrieval in a high number of cases, even when there has been previous failed surgery elsewhere. He is among a very limited group of microsurgeons in the UK who can perform the newer technique of sperm retrieval from the testes called microdissection TESE (m-TESE) which results in a higher success rate of positive sperm retrieval while minimising the amount of tissue taken and potential damage to the testes. In addition, he has also performed amongst the highest number of microsurgery procedures for the treatment of varicocele in the UK.

He has a very strong research background and has authored many pioneering peer-reviewed journal articles and several chapters regarding treatments for male infertility. He is also a media spokesperson on male health issues, including male sexual dysfunction and infertility.


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