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Philippa is one of many women choosing to freeze their eggs

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Philippa, 36, from Stratford on Avon, is one of a growing number of women choosing to freeze her eggs. Philippa explains why:

“I never thought I would have to actively think about having children, I always assumed I would meet the right person for me and become a mum.

“I have a good career and level of independence. I am happy in my life and so anyone that I date needs to be comfortable with that. It turns out that’s not always so easy to find. Dating in the modern world is a minefield!”

“As I entered my mid-thirties, with my age hanging over me, I started to acknowledge that perhaps I may not be able to let things happen naturally. A friend who has been through IVF, suggested I look into freezing my eggs.

“After researching, egg freezing seemed like a good option. Whilst there’s no guarantee, it would allow me to take back some control, giving me more options and eggs that will always be 36.

“My friend had used Oxford Fertility and highly recommended the clinic – it was important to me to have that insight before deciding to go ahead. The staff at Oxford were incredibly supportive. I couldn’t have asked for better care.

“Although I do have a good job, paying for the procedure would take time to save for. Time I didn’t really want to waste. So I shared my plans with my parents and asked if they may be able to help me finance the procedure. I was nervous, but I needn’t have been. Like most parents, they want me to be happy and so were pleased to be able to help me.

“With my family’s help, I was able to move ahead and committed to the procedure, taking my injections and taking some time off work to attend my appointments. I told close friends and also my boss. Everyone has been massively supportive and, as a result of my experience, a couple of my friends are now considering this as an option for them.

“My preference would be to start a family with a partner, but I’d rather have children on my own than not at all. Freezing my eggs has taken the pressure off a little and given me the option of waiting to make that decision in a few more years.”

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