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Nikki and Mark chose IVF as their wedding gift list

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When Nikki Tibballs, 35 and Marc, 38 were asked what they wanted as a gift on their wedding day, they both instantly knew what they wanted. They didn’t dream of a new dinner service or a honeymoon in the Seychelles, the one thing they wished for in life was help to conceive a baby.

Years earlier Nikki had discovered her fallopian tubes were blocked. She ran a very low chance of becoming pregnant, and if she did, a high chance of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. For her safety and to give her the chance to conceive, she would need surgery to remove her tubes and then undergo IVF. Her one round of IVF funded by the NHS had failed and now, if they were to fulfil their dreams, they would need to pay themselves.

They wanted to ask guests to help contribute towards more IVF treatment, but they were nervous to say. What would people say? Shouldn’t this be a private matter? But after tentatively sharing their thoughts, friends and family loved the idea – what better gift than the gift of life?

Everyone rallied around. A friend penned a poem for their invitation, which sensitively let guests understand Nikki and Marc’s wishes. On the big day the father of the bride’s speech even featured a baby’s Chelsea football kit – making it clear what colour Nikki’s father hoped future grandchildren would wear!

Nikki and Marc were staggered at how generous people were. Nikki said “I’m sure it’s because people knew just how important the gift was. It meant everything to us.”


Visiting Oxford Fertility, they could feel their hopes rising. Two weeks after treatment it was confirmed, Nikki was pregnant. And not long after a scan confirmed that the family tradition of coming in pairs would continue – they were expecting twin boys.

Freddy and Olly arrived safely and have transformed Nikki and Marc’s lives forever. They are so grateful to the dedication and expertise at Oxford Fertility and the generosity of their wedding guests. Nikki said “Other people may find it hard to remember what everyone bought them as a wedding present. For us, we’re reminded every day and will be forever grateful. We also hope that the people who gave, feel the benefit as Freddy and Olly bring joy into their lives too.”

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