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Michael & Michelle’s story

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- Jodie & Kyffer -

We were really impressed with GCRM, the surroundings were welcoming and friendly, It didn’t feel like a hospital or clinic. The staff were great and everyone was so helpful.

When Michelle and Michael from Inverclyde first met in 2010, since they both had children from previous relationships, having a child together was not something on their minds. Michael underwent a Vasectomy procedure and they continued happily through life as normal for the next six months. However after getting married, Michelle started to have doubts and after confiding in Michael, they agreed to try to reverse the vasectomy and then have their own biological child together.

Michael underwent the vasectomy reversal and they tried naturally. Sadly, after two years of trying they realized that they needed some assistance. After doing some research, they discovered egg sharing, a process where couples can reduce the cost of fertility treatment by anonymously donating a percentage of any collected eggs to another couple who need those donated eggs.

Michelle says, “We went to another clinic first of all, looking at egg sharing. We realised that it just wasn’t working out at that clinic and as we would have had to pay for full treatment, we decided to do more research. We came across GCRM and we then discovered a friend had successful treatment through GCRM.”

After sending an email looking for some information and getting a helpful and detailed response, they decided to book in for a fertility assessment and consultation. Arriving at the clinic they were pleasantly surprised with the surroundings, Michelle explains,

“We were really impressed with GCRM, the surroundings were welcoming and friendly, It didn’t feel like a hospital or clinic. The staff were great and everyone was so helpful.”

Feeling hopeful after their consultation with Dr Gaudoin they went away from the clinic with advice on how to improve their lifestyles and to keep trying naturally for six months.

Despite following Dr Gaudoin’s advice, trying naturally didn’t work and they returned to the clinic and decided to try IVF. After egg collection, they felt hopeful and excited for the future. Although Michelle didn’t experience any physical side effects from treatment, she felt it was a difficult process emotionally.

“We confided in close friends and my parents. We decided not to tell too many people so as not to put more pressure on myself… The staff were always there to keep you upbeat and keep you going, they were always really positive,” Michelle explains.

Finding out the result of the positive pregnancy blood test Michelle and Michael were delighted. “When you really want something to happen in the back of your mind your saying “this is never going to happen”, says Michelle. “Looking back, I feel that Amy who was part of the admin team at the time probably went over and above her normal duties to help me through the process. She was my main point of contact and I emailed her almost daily! She always answered my queries promptly and if she didn’t know the answer she’d find me the person that did.”

Penny was born in July 2016, holding her in her arms, Michelle explains;

“It felt like a dream, after all the trying and all the treatment it had taken us 3 years to get to this point. It had felt like it was never going to happen so when it actually did and she was there in our arms it was magical, nothing could ever beat that feeling.”

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