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Double joy for Elizabeth and David
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Double joy for Elizabeth and David

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Elizabeth and David realised their dream of starting a family when baby Elliott was born after IVF treatment at Simply Fertility.

The couple had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and opted to use donor eggs after a first round of IVF using Elizabeth’s own eggs was unsuccessful. They found the process straightforward and along came Elliott, now two and a half.

Elizabeth says: “We decided to try for a second baby; our first attempt at the start of 2017 was unsuccessful and then our matched donor pulled out due to a change of circumstances. We were quickly rematched and the donor eggs were frozen because I needed to have an operation and our timings weren’t right.

“It felt easy this time,” continues Elizabeth. “My treatment involved tablets rather than injections and it was straightforward and relaxed. I had acupuncture each week too which I would highly recommend.”

Elizabeth and David decided to have two embryos implanted in November. They were delighted to discover they were pregnant and a scan two days before Christmas revealed they were pregnant with twins.

“The first few weeks of my pregnancy weren’t easy – I had some bleeding which was frightening. It was caused by a condition called cervical ectropion, a graze on my cervix, which is fairly common but worrying until the bleeding stopped at 18 weeks.”

A gender scan in her second trimester showed Elizabeth was carrying twin boys. Freddie and Lewis were born at 36 weeks by planned emergency c-section.

“Simply’s Consultant Gynaecologist Mr Gangooly popped in to see us when the twins were five days old. Elliott is a perfect big brother. He wasn’t too keen at first, and was a little indifferent, but he’s so protective of his little brothers and loves them so much.”

Freddie was a little small and had lost his water. He was born one minute before his brother Lewis. Freddie was jaundiced so he was put under a light and Lewis needed help feeding for a few hours because he had low blood sugar. We were delighted our beautiful babies had arrived safe and sound.


The family popped in to see the staff at Simply Fertility and added a wooden heart to the tree in the waiting room.

“We are so grateful to Sarah and Andy, and the whole team who helped us. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Mr Gangooly joked that we need to try for a girl now, but let’s wait and see!”

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