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How we support our egg donors

Egg donation is an incredible act that can come with its challenges. Getting the right support can go a long way, both now and in the future. If you’re donating eggs to one of our clinics – we’re only a phone call away.

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Counselling for egg donors

Becoming an egg donor isn’t just a physical commitment – it can be emotional and has practical considerations too.

This is why specialist counselling is a core part of how we care for egg donors.

Before you begin treatment, you’ll meet with a counsellor so you can talk through important aspects of egg donation, including:

  • How you feel about it now and how it could feel in the future

  • Whether you’ll tell your partners or children, and the potential impact of this

  • How you’ll feel if any children from your donation contact you in the future

  • You’re also welcome to bring any partners or older children

This appointment is the main place where you’ll discuss this, but the door is still open to talk in the future.

You can reach out to our team throughout the process, and we’ll follow up with you afterwards too.

Questions for egg donor counselling

It can help to consider any questions you want to ask, so you can get the most out of your counselling session.

  • What are the possible outcomes of my donation?

  • How likely is it that my donation will lead to a birth?

  • How can I talk to my partner, family or children about being an egg donor?

  • What could happen if I choose not to tell my partner, family or children?

  • What is the emotional effect on children born from donor eggs?

  • Do the parents have to tell their child they came from a donor egg?

  • If any children decide to contact me in future, how can they do it?

  • How could this affect me or my family in the future?

  • Are there any risks I should know about?

  • What can I write in my goodwill message?

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Support during egg donation

For some people, donating eggs is the ultimate gift, and is connected to lots of emotions.

It can also be physically challenging.

It’s very normal to feel…

  • More intense emotions, with ups and downs sometimes similar to menstruation

  • Under pressure because of the physical demands

  • Anxious about whether the egg collection will work

  • Stressed about attending multiple appointments (usually 7-9 over a few weeks)

  • Tired and bloated towards the end of the donation process

However, many egg donors do find that the process was easier than they expected – and some go on to become repeat donors.

The challenges at the time often give way to positive feelings, especially when it’s a success.

If you’re struggling at any point during your donation with us, please reach out.

The best person to contact is usually your Donor Co-ordinator.

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Find out more about egg donation

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More resources

If you're looking for impartial advice or support, we recommend the following organisations: 


  • The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, who regulate fertility services in the UK – they offer lots of information and advice for anyone considering a donation 

  • The Donor Conception Network, a UK charity who create support networks around donor conceptions – they also offer support, videos and resources for donors 


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