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Oct 11, 2021

TFP Nurture Fertility Celebrates 7,500 Babies on its 30th Birthday

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TFP Nurture Fertility in Nottingham, today announces a special milestone occasion as it reaches its 30th anniversary and celebrates the birth of 7,478 babies since it opened in 1991.

The fertility clinic on Bostocks Lane, is part of the TFP Fertility Group, one of the UK’s largest fertility services providers. Its success is down to understanding that becoming a mum or dad isn’t always easy and that sometimes, a little human help is needed. With over 35 years of experience, the TFP Fertility Group offers exceptional patient care, world-class success rates, clinical excellence and pioneering treatments, to help patients create the families they have always wanted.

Leading the sector, TFP Nurture Fertility has produced 100 medical publications to communicate new research to help clinicians and brought in over £1 million in research funding, which helped establish the Academic Imaging Suite in 2009 with state-of-the-art scanning facilities.

“Reaching our 30th anniversary is a tremendous milestone for TFP Nurture Fertility,” said James Hopkisson, the UK Medical Director at TFP Nurture Fertility in Nottingham. “We have come far in the fertility sector and helped to create celebratory milestones for the industry. At TFP, we are striving to increase the research and development of the sector, including specialist areas such as IVF, which has seen significant growth in success rates since its inception over 30 years ago.”

Medical Director Nick Raine-Fenning also comments, “With one in seven couples facing difficulties conceiving in the UK, we hope to continue the work we have been doing over the past 30 years and build upon it, ensuring TFP is at the forefront of the industry with an exceptional team of clinicians and renowned European specialists.”

As a group, TFP currently consists of 22 fertility clinics, eight of which are based in the UK, across six countries including Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. For over 35 years a group of more than 300 specialists, 200 of which are based in the UK, have been shaping the future of fertility by creating lives and changing lives, through the continuous development and improvement of reproductive medicine procedures.

Click here to find out more information about TFP Nurture Fertility.

About the TFP Fertility Group

Pioneering the fertility sector for over 35-years, the TFP Fertility Group is one of the UK’s largest IVF providers and fertility specialists.

Dedicated to offering exceptional care, understanding and expertise, TFP is committed to changing lives and creating lives. From IVF to fertility preservation and egg and sperm donation, TFP is renowned internationally and has nine clinics across the UK with over 200 clinicians.

Follow the TFP Fertility Group on Twitter @TFPFertility, Instagram @tfpfertility and by Facebook @tfpfertility.

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