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May 10, 2021

TFP introduces new female healthcare app – Dia

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Did you know: There is five times more research into erectile dysfunction, which affects 19% of men, than into premenstrual syndrome, which affects 90% of women?

At TFP, we understand that there is a lot that women don’t know about their bodies. From understanding your cycle, to knowing about fertile days, to understanding exactly what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to getting pregnant, there simply isn’t as much research or education surrounding women’s health as there is for men’s.


That’s why we’re excited to announce Dia – a brand new health and lifestyle app from TFP!


With Dia, users can track their cycles, keep track of their daily moods, sleep, and other important metrics, gain access to a library of curated and medically verified health and lifestyle content and even view TFP appointments and medication.


Dia hopes to empower women to make informed decisions about their future through education about their body and cycle.


  • Heath Tracker: Track your daily life against your cycle, and get insights about why you might be feeling a certain way at a certain time of the month

  • Fertility Forecast: Get an idea of where you are in your fertility window and how certain health and lifestyle factors can impact this (for men, too!)

  • Educational Hub: Read up on fun, interesting and relevant topics, with articles medically verified by real TFP doctors

  • My Clinic: Book appointments, have in-app video consultations, find your clinic, see upcoming appointments and medications, all in one place


We can’t wait to welcome you to our ever-growing community of informed, empowered and connected women.


Welcome to: Your body, your day, your Dia


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