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May 7, 2021

NHS funded IVF treatment now available in Oxford, London and Chelmsford via TFP (The Fertility Partnership)

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The Fertility Partnership (TFP), the UK’s largest fertility services provider, has signed a new contract with the three clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Hertfordshire and West Essex to provide NHS funded IVF treatment at its TFP Boston Place Fertility, London,  TFP Oxford Fertility, Oxford and TFP Simply Fertility, Chelmsford, clinics.

From the 1st May 2021, eligible patients within the East and North Hertfordshire, Herts Valleys and West Essex CCG areas will be able to select one of TFP clinics for their treatment.

Hannah Smyth, Regional General Manager for TFP Greater London says, “We’re thrilled to be able to extend our human approach to fertility treatment to those within Hertfordshire and West Essex at our London, Chelmsford and Oxford clinics. Our team of internationally renowned clinicians are looking forward to providing these patients with the support they need throughout their fertility journey.”

The extension of this funding to selected clinics will allow those who meet their CCG’s eligibility criteria to connect with fertility specialists, once referred, who can offer information to help patients select the right clinic for them and understand their fertility better before beginning their journey.

TFP’s mission is to create lives and change lives. However, for patients who do not meet the NHS eligibility criteria or require further treatment after their funded cycle they can self-fund their treatment with TFP.

For more information about TFP or to contact one of its clinics, visit

TFP Patients will benefit from:

  • Clinics staffed by internationally renowned clinicians, resulting in excellent success rates and the best chance for you

  • A network of clinics in London, Oxford and Chelmsford providing easy access to those residing in Hertfordshire and West Essex

  • Free information events, to help you see if a clinic is right for you

  • A Patient Portal to help you stay on top of everything, which gives you convenient access to test results, medical history and a treatment calendar, as well as keeping you in touch with your clinic via SMS, email and an integrated messaging system

  • Friendly staff to talk to from early morning to late evening. Our patient support centre is open from 7 am to 9 pm to help you. You can also contact your local clinic to talk through any concerns or queries you may have

  • Electronic consenting, allowing you to watch and read information from the comfort of your own home before you consent to the treatment prescribed

  • Processes you can trust in, such as RI Witness – an electronic witnessing system to monitor and minimise errors during IVF treatment cycles in the lab

How does it work?

Patients can access our clinics by speaking to their GP, who will discuss their concerns and options. From here they may be referred to a community provider or local hospital for any tests and investigations they may require. Once the decision to refer them for IVF or other Artificial Reproductive Techniques their eligibility will be reviewed and if approved the patient can select one of our three clinics to continue their fertility journey.

For those patients who do not meet the eligibility criteria or require further treatment after their funded cycle, they can self-fund their treatment.

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About TFP

Pioneering the fertility sector for over 35-years, TFP is one of the UK’s largest IVF providers and fertility specialists. Dedicated to offering exceptional care, understanding and expertise, The Fertility Partnership is committed to changing lives and creating lives. From IVF to fertility preservation and egg and sperm donation, The Fertility Partnership is renowned internationally and has nine clinics across the UK with over 200 clinicians.

Follow TFP on Twitter @TFPFertility, Instagram @thefertilitypartnership and by Facebook @tfpfertility.

About the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

East and North Hertfordshire CCG, Herts Valleys CCG and West Essex CCG are the local NHS organisations responsible for commissioning (planning, designing and paying for) NHS services for their populations. CCGs are made up of local GPs and health professionals, working together with other clinicians and patients, to decide how local NHS budgets should be spent.

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