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Mar 20, 2018

Do I need Counselling alongside Fertility Treatment?

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Going through a fertility treatment can be a stressful and often upsetting experience. For many people, it can feel as though there is no one who understands what you are going through or to confide in. Counselling alongside fertility treatments allows people the opportunity to explore the emotional distress they are feeling, helping them to cope throughout.


Research has shown that infertility can have a huge impact on relationships and can also affect a couple’s sex life. Infertility can impact several important aspects to relationships, including communication, and many people will feel a sense of loss or grief. Even for those who are not in a relationship, infertility can make people feel shocked, saddened, scared and guilty. Women who experience infertility problems can feel less feminine, and men less masculine.

Counselling gives men and women alike the opportunity to explore their emotional difficulties, fears and anxieties further with someone who understands and can help. Talking to a professional counsellor can help people to cope, make important choices and change current situations. Counsellors will not give advice or help people to take a certain path, but they are able to provide information that may be of help.

At Nurture Fertility, there is a range of different counselling available depending on what it is you need.

Coping with Fertility Treatment

The HFEA considers counselling a key element for those who are going through fertility treatment. Our counsellors are sensitive and understanding to the emotions you may be feeling and the stress of the treatment. We offer counselling at any time before, during or after the treatment. Counselling sessions can be taken with a partner, alone or in a group.

Implications Counselling

Implications counselling is ideal for those who need a safe place to reflect and understand their proposed fertility procedure, as well as the issues and implications that may arise. You will learn about the welfare and needs of your future child and can use implications counselling as an opportunity to anticipate and plan for conception.

Support Counselling

As mentioned, going through fertility treatment can be an extremely emotional journey that can hugely impact your close relationships. Support counselling allows people to explore their feelings and figure out new coping strategies and options for issues raised with partners, family and friends. This type of counselling will help you to look at the short and long-term consequences of infertility and treatment.

Confidentiality is hugely important at Nurture Fertility and is a service that you can access at any time during your fertility treatment. If you would like to learn more about the treatments we have available, or to talk to a member of the team regarding counselling support, you can get in touch with a member of the team by visiting our contact page or calling us on 0115 828 0246.

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