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Jan 1, 2020

A good read - IVF: All You Need to Know

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There’s an abundance of books that share advice on how best to improve your chances of conception through diet, or provide guidance on wellbeing. But when it comes to a handbook that gives independent, practical information on each of the questions you need to answer throughout IVF treatment, there’s a shortage.

Looking for such a handbook on their IVF journeys, but not finding one, Clare Goulty and Sue Bedford decided to create ‘the definitive guide to IVF’.

To make sure the book includes the best, expert advice, Sue and Clare approached world authorities to write each chapter, including the HFEA and Oxford Fertility’s Medical Director, Professor Tim Child.

We met with Sue and Clare to ask them more about the book:

What prompted you to write the book?

Between us, we have been through 12 rounds of IVF, both here in the UK and abroad. At each stage of IVF, there was an overwhelming amount of information to source and decipher in order to make informed decisions. With this book, we want to help other people to short-cut that lengthy and often confusing process, to have the facts at their fingertips. Ultimately, it’s the guide we wish had existed when we were going through IVF.

What is your background?

Before and after children, Clare’s corporate career spanned 22 years at M&S Head Office. She worked as a Fashion Buyer, Account Director and Magazine Editor. Susan is a full registered and practising Nutritional Therapist (MSc) with a specialisation in fertility. She is also a qualified science teacher. Our combined career experience works well in shaping how to explain medical topics in an engaging, accessible and informative way. We both wanted to involve world-leading experts, as the quality of advice is paramount when you’re making decisions about IVF. So, we have eight chapters, each written by a world-leading expert, including HFEA’s first ever contribution towards a book of this type.

How long did it take to write?

It took about 2 years for the book to be written, although from initial idea to holding a book in our hands, it took a while longer, almost 3 years.

If you only read one chapter, what should it be?

That’s a tough one as every chapter gives valuable insights. It’s not necessarily designed to be read from cover to cover; it’s best to dip in and read the chapter relevant to the stage you’re at. For example, if you’re considering IVF but haven’t yet chosen your clinic then chapter 1, ‘Selecting a fertility clinic and what to expect,’ is a great start. Equally, chapter 7 on ‘Donor assisted IVF’ would be relevant if that is a route suggested by your consultant and one that you’d like to consider. But obviously, we have to say Professor Child’s chapter on ‘The IVF Process and different types of treatment’ is particularly good!


IVF: All You Need to Know is available to buy at Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones.

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