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Social Freezing

Social freezing is offered to women who do not want to or cannot get pregnant now, but may want to in the future.

With social (egg) freezing, the woman's eggs are frozen for use in achieving pregnancy at a later date.

(Prices are valid as of 01.11.2021)

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Social Freezing prices

Social Freezing (one stimulation, including statutory viral tests, ultrasound scans and egg retrieval but excluding extra medical cost and later egg transfer)

€ 3.459,00

Freezing of eggs

€ 1.200,00

Thawing, fertilisation and reversion of eggs (price excludes semen)

€ 2.130,00

Surcharge per straw for thawing more than 6 straws

€ 135,00

The initial consultation costs

€ 135,00

Unfertilised eggs: To achieve pregnancy by later use of frozen eggs, a minimum of 20 eggs frozen is recommended. This typically via 2-3 stimulations with medication as well as egg retrievals. You must be under 38 and have egg reserve in the normal range.



You can pay by bank transfer: 

REMEMBER it's often cheaper to pay for your treatment directly, without a credit card (to avoid expensive fees).

Bank account: 5472-0944572

IBAN: DK5054720000944572


Nykredit, Herlev Hovedgade 119A, 2730 Herlev, Denmark


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