In Vitro Fertilization

IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is a method used for assisted fertilisation. In this method, the egg and sperm do not fuse in the woman's body, but in the laboratory in a test tube. On this page, you’ll find TFP Stork Fertility’s single prices for IVF treatment.

Prices are valid as of 01.11.2021

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IVF treatment

Single IVF treatment

With partner's sperm/own depot of donor sperm


If treatment is interrupted before egg collection, you'll only be charged EURO 405.

Included in the price of all IVF are all basic blood tests (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hormone tests) taken here at the clinic and any sperm test. An ultrasound and ultrasound assessment is also included.

The initial consultation costs EURO 135.

The price includes RI Witness.

IVF - extra service


Initial IVF consultation


Extra consultation, if needed


Fertility counselling (medical consultation, ultrasound scans and AMH blood test)


Fertility counselling including HSU


Cancellation of treatment before egg retrieval - only applies to the purchase of a single treatment


Ultrasound scan with counselling (without treatment here)


FER - Transfer of a thawed fertilized egg


ICSI fertilisation


MACS sperm selection


MACS sperm selection and ICSI fertilisation


Blastocyst culture of fertilized embryos including blastocyst freezing and storage for two years


Blastocyst storage per year beyond two years


Assisted Hatching (AHA)


Sperm analysis (free with fertility treatment here)


TESA - extraction of sperm from the testes


HSU - an examination of the fallopian tubes


Freezing unfertilized eggs in connection with Social Freezing


Defreeze unfertilized eggs (upto 12 eggs), ICSI and 1 transfer (FER). Price herafter EURO 135 per straw


Additional donor, per delivery


Freezing and storage of your partner's sperm for one year


Storage of fertilized eggs per year beyond two years


Handling/storage of donor sperm up to 10 units, 2 delivers, 1 year


Extra sperm donation, per donation


Shipping donor sperm with special order and reservation


Handling and distribution of embryos/unfertilized eggs to/from another clinic outside the EU


Handling and distribution of embryos/unfertilized eggs to/from another clinic within the EU


Handling fee, 1 portion/straw (sperm) from the spermbank


Blood tests (hepatitis, HIV) that are mandatory with IVF treatment can be taken in the clinic


Hormonal tests (AMH, TSH, TPO + Rubella)


Blood tests apart from the above


Blood tests (AMH)


Blood tests (Rubella)


Blood tests (Prolactin)




Smear test


Consultation with infertility counsellor



You can pay by bank transfer: 

REMEMBER it's often cheaper to pay for your treatment directly, without a credit card (to avoid expensive fees).

Bank account: 5472-0944572

IBAN: DK5054720000944572


Nykredit, Herlev Hovedgade 119A, 2730 Herlev, Denmark


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