If you are unsuccessful in getting pregnant in the traditional way, we can carry out insemination. This involves injecting sperm into the woman's womb.

(Prices are valid as of 01.11.2021)

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Health record consultation for insemination

135,00 €

Follow-up consultation

30,00 €

Insemination - excl. Scans

545,00 €

Insemination - incl. Scans

699,00 €

Weekends and public holiday supplement

60,00 €

Insemination - extra service

Fertility counselling (medical consultation, ultrasound and AMH blood test)

335,00 €

Fertility counselling including HSU (hystero salpingo ultrasonography)

470,00 €

Sperm analysis

135,00 €

Freezing your partner's sperm and storage for two years

380,00 €

Handling/storage for up to 10 units of sperm, incl. 2 deliveries, 1 year

200,00 €

Additional donor, per delivery

55,00 €

Handling fee, 1 portion/straw (sperm) from the spermbank

100,00 €

Shipping donor sperm with special order and reservation

120,00 €

Blood tests (hepatitis, HIV) can be taken in the clinic

70,00 €

Hormonal tests (AMH, TSH, TPO) + Rubella

135,00 €

Blood tests (AMH)

30,00 €

Blood tests (Rubella)

70,00 €

Blood tests (Prolactin)

30,00 €


30,00 €

Smear test

30,00 €


You can pay by bank transfer: 

REMEMBER it's often cheaper to pay for your treatment directly, without a credit card (to avoid expensive fees).

Bank account: 5472-0944572

IBAN: DK5054720000944572


Nykredit, Herlev Hovedgade 119A, 2730 Herlev, Denmark


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