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TFP Stork Fertility in Copenhagen and TFP Ciconia Fertility in Aarhus have a close cooperation with clinics in Næstved, Skive and Aalborg. At our partner clinics, you can receive various services during your fertility treatment.

TFP Kinderwunsch-Zentren in Deutschland

Gynaecological Clinic Næstved by Anne-Dorthe Feldthusen

The Gynaecology Clinic in Næstved is run by specialist Anne-Dorthe Feldthusen, who has extensive experience in fertility treatment. Here they offer infertility testing, counselling and treatment.

We are very pleased to work with Anne-Dorthe.

Fürst Gynaecology by Stine Fürst

We work closely with gynaecologist Stine Fürst in Vallø near Køge. The clinic in Vallø can help you with the initial consultation and ultrasound scan, while TFP Stork Fertility will take care of your egg retrieval and egg transfer.

Crocus Ultrasound Clinic in Stockholm

Crocus Ultrasound Clinic in Stockholm is run by Ladoya and Monique, who both have extensive experience in ultrasound scanning of women undergoing fertility treatment as well as pregnant women. The clinic is centrally located in Stockholm with good access and parking.

Ultrasound scanning at Crocus is included in the price of IVF, ICSI and/or egg donation treatment at TFP Stork Fertility.

Skive Private Fertility Clinic

Our partner in Skive is led by Jørn Rolighed, who has more than 15 years of experience in fertility treatment. Together with his staff, Jørn Rolighed looks forward to helping you realise your wish for a child.

Couples and singles have received qualified treatment here for more than a decade. Skive Private Fertility Clinic offers individual treatment according to your needs and previous treatments.

Skive Private Fertilitetsklinik
Posthustorvet 4
7800 Skive

Fertility Clinic Aalborg   

Our partner in Aalborg helps you with ultrasound examinations and various tests, while TFP Ciconia Fertility in Aarhus and TFP Stork Fertility in Copenhagen take care of insemination, IVF treatment and egg donation / double donation. Our partner in Aalborg is run by specialist Anders Faurskov, who received special gynaecologist training at the hospitals in Aalborg and Hjørring. He has experience from the Reproductive Medicine Department and the IVF Department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. Together with our highly competent team, Anders Faurskov looks forward to helping you realise your dream of having a child.

Our treatments are based on modern and advanced principles and are individualized to your needs and previous treatments.

Faurskov Fertilitet og Gynækologi Aalborg
Ved Stranden 22, 1. tv.
9000 Aalborg​


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