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We could not have asked for a better experience

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After having conceived our first child naturally, we were hoping to have a second child soon afterwards. We tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for about a year, and the results of examinations made by our own doctor showed that it was doubtful that we would be able to conceive a second child without help.

When we got the diagnosis and were told at the same time that we should contact a private fertility clinic, we studied our options carefully.

We found all the information we needed on the website of TFP Danfert Fertility, which also gave the impression that the doctors working there were very professional and competent.

This impression was confirmed at our first meeting when the doctor explained every step with utmost detail and helped us choose the right treatment method for us. One of the decisions we had to make was whether we wanted to buy a single cycle treatment or a multi-cycle treatment package with up to three treatment cycles. The latter option was more expensive, but at no time did we feel pressured to choose the more expensive option. On the contrary, we felt that we were given very objective advice, and we received all the information that we needed.

We decided to get the package with up to three treatment cycles, and today we are absolutely confident that we made the right decision. It gave us peace of mind to know that we had more than one try.

From the very first contact, the staff at TFP Danfert Fertility made us feel confident that we could and would succeed. They soon devised a detailed plan for our treatment. It gave us great comfort to see that nothing was left to chance, and they took as much time as was needed to talk with us and answer any and all of our questions.

We had to wait a couple of months due to personal circumstances, but when the treatment was finally initiated, we got pregnant at the first attempt.

During the process, we spoke with all of the three doctors at the clinic, and they were all very friendly and helpful and displayed a committed and professional attitude to the task.

Our choice had nothing to do with price. We chose the option that gave us the best possible chance for another pregnancy, and we could not have asked for a better experience than the one we had with TFP Danfert Fertility.

Told by: Julie Geertesen and Teo Guldbæk

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