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At TFP Ciconia Fertility, it is our greatest wish that all of our patients feel comfortable and welcome while benefiting from our medical expertise and decades of experience. 


Get to know our TFP fertility clinic in Aarhus better, and find out about our treatments.   


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At TFP Ciconia Fertility, we are always ready to answer your questions. Contact us by phone or e-mail.


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Our skilled experts, including our doctors, embryologists, nurses and fertility coordinators, have years of experience in fertility treatment. Together, we'll find the best treatment options for you.



We've compiled our prices for treatments and services so you can get the full picture. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about treatments and prices.

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First step at TFP Ciconia Fertility

The first step in our fertility treatment is the initial consultation that focuses on you and your current situation. Together, we will draw up a plan for your fertility treatment. We have the same goal as you - we make families.

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Involuntary infertility can have many causes, and often, it is a combination of different factors. Therefore, the initial conversation with you is an especially important part of the treatment. Our expert team at TFP Ciconia Fertility recommends the best fertility treatment for your individual situation and accompanies you with great knowledge and empathy throughout the process.

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Our results in Aarhus

TFP Ciconia Fertility is a heavyweight in fertility treatment in Denmark. The clinic has a high level of professional knowledge that is brought into play when performing treatments, along with the use of modern technical equipment and knowledge from the TFP chain.

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