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We're here to help you conceive. We offer and recommend treatment based on your specific situation, which is assessed through tests and discussion with you. Below are prices for our standard treatments, but please contact us if you have any questions about your specific circumstances or prices in general.

Prices valid as per 1st of February 2023

IVF Treatment (in vitro fertilisation)

Single IVF treatment


Using partner's sperm / own deposited donor sperm

3.185,00 €

Initial consultation


Package of 3 IVF treatments

Women up to and including 39 years of age Women 40-45 years of age

Package of 3 IVF treatments using own donor sperm or partner sperm

5.875,00 €6.800,00 €

Package of 3 IVF treatments with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

6.950,00 €7.750,00 €

Package of 3 IVF treatments with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) /TESA (testicular sperm aspiration)

8.000,00 €8.800,00 €

Package content: 3 treatments (3 asp/3 trans) are carried out. In addition, there are 2 fertilized egg retrievals (FER) if there has been the possibility to freeze fertilized eggs in your treatments. After that, the package is exhausted.

Cancelling your treatment before egg retrieval does not affect your package. If your treatment is cancelled after egg retrieval, it counts as one attempt. The package is used up if you give birth to a child, if all attempts are used and/or if two years have passed since the start.

Extra services are not included in the price. These must be paid for separately. Additional charges may therefore apply when you come for treatment at the clinic. The cost of medicines is not included in the prices.

All IVF treatments include the legally required viral blood tests, scans (including the first pregnancy scan), interpretation of scans by your own gynaecologist and the culture of your fertilised eggs in the Embryoscope. Vitrification (freezing) is included in the package.

IVF - extra services


Full anastethic in connection with egg retrieval

800,00 €

Endometrio priming

300,00 €

ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)/ microinsemination

400,00 €

TESE (testicular sperm aspiration)/ Retrieval of sperm from the testicals

550,00 €

Assisted Hatching (AHA)

275,00 €

Storage of blastocysts per year, exceeding 1 year

350,00 €

FER (fertilized egg retrievals ) / not paid for freeze *

1.275,00 €

Freezing of unfertilized eggs and storage for 1 year

550,00 €

Storage of unfertilized eggs per years, exceeding 1 year

350,00 €

Freeze of sperm (partner) and storage for 1 year

350,00 €

Storage of unfertilized sperm per years, exceeding 1 year

350,00 €


85,00 €

Transport of eggs/sperm to another clinic

550,00 €



Initial consultation


Insemination with sperm from donor (sperm not included)

300,00 €

Insemination with sperm from partner

300,00 €

Egg donation package with 3 donations (including medicine for the donor)


Egg donation package

13.300,00 €

Egg donation


First consultation regarding egg donation - recipient


Egg donation *

7.600,00 €

Egg donation - known donor **

5.350,00 €

* Egg donation including ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection), TESA (testicular sperm aspiration), blastocyst culture, freezing, donor medications, all blood tests, and sperm analysis and freezing if required. The price is with the guarantee of blastocyst (egg) retrieval / up to 2 retrievals.

If no more than 1 egg is frozen, a new egg donation costs EURO 4.050. If no eggs are retrieved, a new egg donation is given free of charge.

** In case of known donation, the recipient couple pays all costs for the donor (interview, medicine, transport, etc.). 

Double donation

Use of donor eggs and donor sperm


Double donation (ex. sperm)

7.600,00 €

Double donation includes ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), egg culture, egg freezing if applicable, medication for the egg donor, all blood tests. The sperm donor fee is NOT included in the price. The price is with a guarantee of a blastocyst (egg)/ up to two retrievals.

If no more than 1 egg is frozen, a new egg donation costs EURO 4.050. If no eggs are retrieved, a new egg donation is given free of charge. 

Social Freezing


Social Freezing (per stimulation)

3.075,00 €

To achieve pregnancy by later use of frozen unfertilized eggs, at least 20 eggs frozen is recommended.

This is typically done via 2-3 stimulations with medication as well as egg retrievals, provided you are under 38 and have an egg reserve in the normal range.

The price includes statutory virus tests, ultrasound scans and egg retrieval, but excludes the cost of medication, any fertilisation of unfertilised eggs, egg freezing (EURO 550) and subsequent transfer.

Additional services


Bloodtests (Hepatitis B+C, HIV) - statutory for IVF behandling - taken here at the clinic

80,00 €

Bloodtest, per test

35,00 €

Bloodtest (AMH - Anti-Müller-Hormone)

125,00 €


110,00 €


135,00 €

Pregnancy scan

135,00 €

Fertility counselling


Fertility counselling (medical consultation, ultrasound and blood tests)

405,00 €

Fertility counselling including HSU (hystero salpingo ultrasonography)

675,00 €

Ultrasound scan with counselling (without treatment at the clinic)

135,00 €

HSU (hystero salpingo ultrasonography) - an examination of the fallopian tubes

340,00 €

Sperm analysis

135,00 €


You can pay by bank transfer: 

Bank account: 8117-4321485

IBAN: DK4181170004321485


Nykredit, Herlev Hovedgade 119A, 2730 Herlev, Denmark


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