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The initial interview

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You can have the initial consultation here in the clinic or on a virtual platform. The consultation is completely non-binding and is based on your specific situation, any previous fertility treatments and any examinations.

Before the consultation, you will be asked to complete the electronic medical record. If you have any questions about filling in the form, we will of course be happy to help.  

We want to support you in the best possible way throughout your stay at the clinic and thus put you in the best possible position to make your wish for a child come true.   

At TFP Stork Fertility in Copenhagen, we offer all our Danish clients a free advisory and guidance session with our fertility therapist about the psychological and social consequences of infertility and fertility treatment.   


During this conversation you will among other things: 

  • Information on stress and anxiety and tools to help you identify, manage and reduce stress symptoms during your treatment 

  • Information about the "critical periods" and difficult dilemmas in a fertility treatment and what you need to be aware of in order to manage your treatment in the best possible way 

  • Knowledge about the impact of fertility treatment on your relationship and loved ones, as well as tools on how to best support each other and communicate with the outside world and your network 

  • Exercises and tools for increased self-care, so that you can maintain balance and quality of life during treatment 

  • Knowledge about loss and grief reactions 

The advisory and guidance start-up consultation with our fertility therapist will be free of charge for our Danish clients and will be included in several of our packages.  

It is also possible to purchase additional consultations.  

Fertility therapy  

Mille Duzenius is the clinic's permanent fertility therapist. She offers supportive counselling or therapeutic sessions to the individual or couple who might need help coping with the psychological stresses that often accompany undergoing fertility treatment.  

Mille is a trained psychotherapist and couples therapist specialising in the psychological and social consequences of infertility and fertility treatment. Mille is a former family counsellor and supervisor and has many years of experience in counselling children and families.  

Mille Duzenius has extensive experience in helping different types of patients, and she places great importance on all of her patients feeling welcomed and respected during their counselling sessions.  

Among other things, she can support you with: 

  • Dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings  

  • Pregnancy loss  

  • Relationship issues  

  • Balancing everyday life with fertility treatment  

  • Coping with other people's pregnancies   

  • Dealing with friends, families and colleagues  

  • Discussing thoughts, feelings and your options going forward when making decisions to change or stop treatments  

  • Understanding your options for using donor eggs or sperm  

  • Your pregnancy and parenthood after fertility treatment 

Mille offers physical conversations in the clinic, online conversations via zoom or Skype and phone conversations.  

You can book a consultation with Mille by contacting the clinic or by writing directly to Mille at  

EVT. prices and cancellation policy.  .

Blood tests and examinations  

Fertility treatment requires some specific tests and examinations before we can start. Some are necessary by law, others are necessary in order to plan the most effective treatment for you. All tests can be taken at the clinic. It is also possible to have them done by your own doctor. The following tests are necessary at the start:   

  • HIV 1 and 2: Anti-HIV-1/2 

  • Hepatitis B: HBsAg (hepatitis B virus surface antigen) AND Anti-HBc (hepatitis B core antibody) 

  • Hepatitis C: Anti-HCV-Ab 

  • According to Danish legislation, the above samples must be analysed in a laboratory certified under the Tissue Act (in Copenhagen this is the blood bank at Rigshospitalet). Unfortunately, we are not authorised to treat you if you are infected with HIV, hepatitis B or C.   

  • Chlamydia: Inoculation or urine test (must be max 6 months old) 

  • Smear: Screening for cervical cell changes (must be max 3 years old) 

  • AMH (anti-Müller hormone, which tells you about your egg reserve)  

  • TPO and TSH measure your metabolism 

  • Vitamin D 

  • Rubella  

If you have a male partner whose sperm will be used for treatment, he must also have HIV and hepatitis B + C tests (see above).  

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