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Do you want a general anaesthesia for fertility treatment?

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In Aarhus, TFP Ciconia Fertility is one of the only Danish fertility clinics to offer full anaesthesia for egg retrieval, egg transfer or insemination.

When a woman needs to have eggs removed, this is usually done without any problems under local anaesthetic, supplemented with painkillers through a small needle in the hand or arm.

Egg retrieval and insemination are even smaller procedures, which usually require neither local anaesthetic nor painkillers. However, there may be several reasons why a woman would like these procedures to be carried out under general anaesthetic.

Here, fertility nurse Inge Neimann Herskind answers three questions we often encounter:  

1. Why do some women want a general anaesthetic?  

Some women are extremely nervous about these procedures. Some may have had traumatic experiences with egg retrieval or other gynaecological procedures in the past. Other women suffer from vaginismus, which makes it difficult to carry out the procedures without feeling uncomfortable.

2. Why might it be a good idea? 

It gives a great deal of reassurance to many women who would not otherwise be able to undergo IVF treatment or insemination. Women feel in good hands and experience less stress and anxiety when they know in advance that they can have a general anaesthetic for these procedures.  

3. How does it work?  

The woman arrives at the clinic after fasting and is shown into a room where she will also wake up afterwards.  

Before the procedure itself, the anaesthetist will talk to the woman about any allergies or other experiences related to anaesthesia.  

The partner is sent out when the woman goes under. 

Once the procedure is over, the woman wakes up quickly as only light anaesthetics are given. She then needs to be monitored for a few hours. She is offered some food, and we make sure she is ok before she leaves the clinic.  

It is important that a driver is present, as the woman is not allowed to drive for the next 24 hours.  

If you would like to know more about this option, please contact us for a no obligation phone call.   


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