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Acupuncture for infertility treatment

At TFP Ciconia Fertility in Aarhus, you have the opportunity to complement your fertility treatment with acupuncture in connection with IVF and insemination treatment.  

There have been major developments in the treatment of infertility in the Western world over the last 20 years, but it is only in recent years that attention has turned to alternative treatment methods such as acupuncture. Acupuncture can optimise fertility treatment by: 

  • Increasing blood flow in the uterus to improve the lining so the egg can attach better 

  • Reduce side effects from hormone intake (such as headaches, malaise, etc.)  

  • Balance the body and relax the uterus 

  • Strengthen the immune system 

  • De-stress the body 

We have chosen to employ acupuncturist Inge Herskind, who already works part-time at the clinic as a nurse.  

The acupuncture clinic is an independent clinic that collaborates with TFP Ciconia Fertility, and all treatments will take place as far as possible in TFP Ciconia's premises in quiet surroundings. Inge is a registered alternative practitioner (RAB) and a member of the Health Professionals Acupuncturists. It is therefore possible to receive a subsidy for the treatment as a member of the Danish Health Insurance if the treatment is booked through Inge Herskind.  

This means that it will be possible by appointment to book appointments for acupuncture both before, during and after a course of treatment.  

Acupuncture can also be used early in pregnancy to reduce pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and heartburn and, later in pregnancy, for pelvic pain and preparation for childbirth.  

If you just want to use acupuncture for egg transfer or after insemination, you can book it directly through TFP Ciconia Fertility.  

It is not necessary to be affiliated with TFP Ciconia Fertility to use the acupuncture clinic.  

If you wish to supplement your treatment with acupuncture, please contact Inge Herskind directly on mobile +45 2023 0306 or by email  

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At TFP Stork Fertility in Copenhagen we do not offer services, but we do have a good cooperation with MAO Acupuncture -  


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