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We know that waiting can be a difficult factor when you've made up your mind and want to get started. That's why we've done everything we can to minimise waiting times.  

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Full anaesthesia

In Aarhus, TFP Ciconia Fertility is one of the only Danish fertility clinics to offer full anaesthesia for egg retrieval, egg transfer or insemination.

Diagnostics of the fallopian tubes

Fertility advice

At our clinics, you have the opportunity to get an assessment and advice about your fertility without necessarily having to start treatment.

TFP Kinderwunsch-Zentren in Deutschland

Semen analysis

If a pregnancy has not been achieved naturally so far, a semen analysis can show whether the man's sperm quality may be the reason for this. We carry out the semen analysis in our laboratory and advise you on the options for fertility treatment based on your individual circumstances.


Acupuncture treatment

At TFP Ciconia Fertility in Aarhus, you have the option of supplementing your fertility treatment with acupuncture in connection with IVF and insemination treatment.

Acupuncture for infertility treatment

Freezing of fertilised eggs

Our clinics have just as good results with freezing treatments as with fresh treatments. A new study from 2020 (Sacha Stormlund, 2020) also shows that freezing and fresh treatments are equally good. 

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The initial interview

You can have the initial consultation here at the clinic or via a virtual platform. The conversation is completely non-binding, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have.

Medications for IVF treatment


Cryopreservation is a special process that allows cells and tissues to be stored for a long time for later use. Cells and tissues are frozen and stored at minus 196 degrees Celsius in liquid nitrogen. The name for this technique comes from the ancient Greek word "cryos," meaning "cold."

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Midwife consultations

At TFP Stork Fertility in Copenhagen, we offer midwife consultations with a regular midwife from the very early stages of pregnancy. Here we can talk about everything that's on your mind, and we'll also get to grips with some of the natural changes your body will go through over the next few months. The aim for our midwives is to create calm and reassurance from the start.

Endometrial scratch
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