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P. and E. from Sweden
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P. & E. from Sweden

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For how long were you thinking about having a baby?

We have more children, this is not the first time.

Did your wish for a child have an effect on your relationship with your partner?

We made the decision together about having a baby.

Why did you decide to undergo fertility treatment at the TFP Stork Fertility?

Because we have been there before and had no more attempts at our hospital.

How would you explain the atmosphere at TFP Stork Fertility?


Which words best describe the team working at the TFP Stork Fertility?

Understanding, thoughtful.

What were the reactions of your friends or family and during and after your fertility treatment?


Who was your biggest support during your fertility treatment?

My wife.

Do you know the sperm donor of your child or is he anonymous/open? And how did you decide?

We used the same donor as the previous children have.

Which situation gave you the most hope and when did you experience fear and anxiety?

When you received ovulation.

Did the fertility treatment affect your body in some way?


What advice can you give to other lesbian couples that are in the same situation as you?

Relax and do not give up. Do not think too much, just follow the process.

P., E. and their Kid
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