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M. & C.
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M. & C. from Denmark

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For how long were you thinking about having a baby?

We had been thinking about about this in 1/2 year before we got our first child.

What were the first steps that you undertook when your wish for a baby grew?

We searched for knowledge on your website.

Did your wish for a child have an effect on your relationship with your partner?

A child for us would not give more effect to us than to others who become parents.

Why did you decide to undergo fertility treatment at the TFP Stork Fertility?

We chose to use TFP Stork Fertility based on recommendations from others and not least because the clinic is based on many years of experience. We made a thorough study of the fertility rate and, not least, we reviewed your website, and your facilities and staff are in the A-class. Really a good and cozy atmosphere.

How would you explain the atmosphere at TFP Stork Fertility?

You get the feeling that it is nice to visit you. Your contention is contagious and may thus create the "home atmosphere".

Which words best describe the team working at the TFP Stork Fertility?

Competent, welcoming, smiling and very skilled.

What were the reactions of your friends or family and during and after your fertility treatment?

There was no reaction beyond the great joy that we as a couple was going to have a child.

Who was your biggest support system during your fertility treatment?

My support was my partner.

During the fertility treatment did you get to know other lesbian couples that were in the same or similar situation as you, and if so, are you still in touch with them?

No, not in relation to fertility treatment at Stork. But we see our lesbian friends who have also received treatment. Our children play together.

Which situation gave you the most hope and when did you experience fear and anxiety?

We had hoped for a pregnancy right from the start, and fortunately, it was successful the first time, so we never got to fear and anxiety.

Did the fertility treatment affect your body in some way?

I did not experience any changes in my body from fertility treatment - other than a big lovely stomach ;)

Do you know the sperm donor of your child or is he anonymous? Why did you decide to either keep him anonymous or not?

We chose an anonymous sperm donor, and it was a long decision that probably concluded that it was me and my partner's wish to have a child.

What advice can you give to other lesbian couples that are in the same situation as you?

The best advice for other lesbians who want to become pregnant is to remember to enjoy the wonderful moments of fertility treatment. Be positive all the way through. My best advice to all is to choose TFP Stork Fertility.

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