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H. from Sweden

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For how long were you thinking about having a baby?

1 year.

What were the first steps that you undertook when your wish for a baby grew?

I started investigating my options online.

Why did you decide to undergo fertility treatment at the TFP Stork Fertility?

I knew I wanted to go to Copenhagen and TFP Stork Fertility had the best website. It was also near the train station.

Do you know the sperm donor of your child or is he anonymous/open? And how did you decide?

I have an open donor. I didn't want to decide for my son. He gets to make the decision later on in life if he wants to know more.

What were the reactions of your friends and family during and after your fertility treatment?

Very positive, but my mother was a sceptic. During the treatment, my mother accepted it and came along to the clinic and treatments and is proud of me today. I think it has been important to her that I find a partner, but she realizes that I'm fine without one.

How would you explain the atmosphere at TFP Stork Fertility?


Calm, positive.

Which words best describe the team working at the TFP Stork Fertility?

Gentle, kind and understanding.

Who was your biggest support during your fertility treatment?

My family and friends and you all at TFP Stork Fertility.

Which situation gave you the most hope and when did you experience fear and anxiety?

I had the most hope when an egg was fertilized and the most fear and anxiety before collecting any eggs.

Did you get to know other single women that were in the same or similar situation as you, and if so, are you still in touch with them?

Yes, I'm a Femmis member and have contact with others.

What advice can you give to other single women that are in the same situation as you?


Do what feels right in your heart.

How does – in your opinion - the fertility treatment of a single woman differentiate from a fertility treatment of a couple?

You don't have a partner with you on this journey, but you have all your friends and family instead.

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