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G. from Norway

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For how long were you thinking about having a baby?

Since 2008. But I had to postpone it because my mom got sick. I started my journey in 2012 with a skype call with TFP Stork Fertility and my first insemination try was in March 2013.

What were the first steps that you undertook when your wish for a baby grew?

I talked to mom and dad to explained my wish. Then I talked to my aunt in Denmark if she knew a good clinic. I also talked to another clinic by telephone, but I didn't get a good vibe. When I talked to TFP Stork Fertility, I just felt welcomed and that you took this seriously.

Why did you decide to undergo fertility treatment at the TFP Stork Fertility?

My biggest wish was kids, and I always wished for a boy and a girl. TFP Stork Fertility was my nr. 1 clinic, and you seemed professional and serious.

Do you know the sperm donor of your child or is he anonymous/open? And how did you decide

I don't know the donor and my sperm donor is open. The first time I did not decide myself was the time when it worked. You did that and it worked (my 4th insemination).

What were the reactions of your friends, and family during and after your fertility treatment?

Everybody knew I want kids for maaaany years. I had NO bad reactions. Only good and most think I am a strong woman that actually goes for my dreams and did it.

How would you explain the atmosphere at TFP Stork Fertility?

I liked the atmosphere: calm and smiling people. No worries.

Which words best describe the team working at the TFP Stork Fertility?

Beautiful people, calm and smiling.

Who was your biggest support during your fertility treatment?

I really didn´t have any. But my dad, my aunt and one friend talked with me when I needed it.

Which situation gave you the most hope and when did you experience fear and anxiety?

Actually the last time, Friday 1 of November 2013, I felt pregnant almost immediately. I talked to a friend and I said, I think this time it worked. It was the same feeling as the first time but more calm. The first time I thought I was pregnant, I lost it, and the 2 times in the “middle,” I felt nothing. So my most hope was 14th of November when I took my first positive test. Of course, I had the fear that it wasn't going to last, but I didn't have any real fear or anxiety. And in week 8, when my gynaecologist told me that it was more than one, I just said “Yeah.. let me see”. Two for the price of ONE :) I just had insemination 4 times, but it took almost a year because of small complications. I lost my period a couple of times and other small things. I also got an x-ray of my fallopian tubes, and that gave me a lot of hope because I've heard from someone that this could work. And it was after that when the little swimmers got through.

Did you get to know other single women that were in the same or similar situation as you, and if so, are you still in touch with them?

I was really open about what I did, so actually more people suddenly “came forward”. One girl I went to school with did the same thing and got twins too (but with AVF) but still. She is maybe the one that actually understands how it is to be alone with two all the time. But I don´t have much contact with her. I see myself as a “normal” family, but its still just me. Almost no help but I manage. Best decision ever.

What advice can you give to other single women that are in the same situation as you?

You can do it :) Be open. You get strength from all the people that think you rock.

How does – in your opinion - the fertility treatment of a single woman differentiate from a fertility treatment of a couple?

First of all, a couple are TWO people. They have each other to support. It's really hard to cry yourself to sleep when the test is negative, so it would be nice to have another person to hold on to. I had a friend to talk to, but it's still not the same. And that you have to go to Denmark (I'm from Norway) to get help. God bless you all, but it would have been a bit more easy if I just could have gone to my hospital 20 minutes from me instead of 25 minutes to the airport, then take a plane to Denmark and the train to Copenhagen to do it. And then home again.

Also, you get a lot more questions about how you got pregnant if you're single than if you're a couple and why.

When I told people at my job, for example, they looked at me with big eyes and didn't say anything. So I told them that I was very open about how I did it. If anyone had questions, please ask me instead of talking around. Then, many came to me. I don't have a problem with that but as a couple, I don't think people ask so much around it.

Please leave a quote here, if you have one:

I think it's super that this is more in the media and hopefully gets easier for people who want this. I don't think that raising a kid or more alone is worse than as a couple.

I am never going to regret my decision with all the hard work and sleepless nights. I was blessed with twins - a girl and a boy, and I could NOT be happier. I love them and am glad that they will soon be 4 years old.

Thank you all in TFP Stork Fertility for the help and for the biggest dream ever coming true.

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