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Media enquiries

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Our PR team handles all media enquiries on behalf of TFP Denmark Fertility and all our clinics.

We see it as an important part of our work to highlight fertility treatment in Denmark. Therefore, we often participate either directly or indirectly in interviews, articles, TV programmes and/or are quoted in the media both at home and abroad.

English Articles:


Why So Many Women Travel to Denmark for Fertility Treatments

Danish Articles:


19-year-old Nadia Gullestrup Christensen is an egg donor 


Danish donor sperm is in high demand among British women


The midwife on the barricades with a fighting spirit and donor sperm


Nina Stork has helped over 4,000 children of single and lesbian women into the world


She fights for gay people's right to children


Will you be the father of my child? 

Information for the media

We are happy to participate in interviews and/or to help find interviewees if we can make a valuable contribution to the topic in question.

Contact person at TFP Denmark:

Anne-Sofie Madsen

Regional Marketing Manager Denmark


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