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Women over 40

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An increasing number of women have children when they are 40 or over. Some have been waiting for the right one, some have been focusing on careers or pursuing other dreams and goals, and thus putting off having children. Others may have struggled with illness or infertility and been in treatment for a period of time. What these women have in common is the dream of having a child.

40+ and the risk of infertility

The older you get, the harder it is to get pregnant. Fertility drops sharply after 35 in women, and when there is an increased risk of infertility, more complex treatment will often be required to achieve pregnancy.  



Is it still possible to get pregnant?  


If you want to have a baby, it is important that you have a fertility assessment and a medical evaluation of whether it is possible to become pregnant. Getting the right treatment from day one will save you a lot of unnecessary time.   


We have a lot of experience and expertise in helping women over 40. New treatment methods also mean that we can help many more women today than we could 10 years ago. We offer all types of treatment, including egg donation and double donation.  


As a woman, you can get help with fertility treatment in the public sector until you turn 40, while at TFP we can offer fertility treatment until you turn 46. 



If you need to choose donor sperm  


For many people, choosing donor sperm is a very special and emotional process. We keep a close dialogue and good cooperation with the sperm banks. This means we have a great deal of expertise and knowledge about the process. We can therefore prepare you for the choices you face when choosing donor sperm.  


In the initial dialogue, we will address some of the most important questions you should consider and that you will inevitably face later. For example, what will you tell your child? What do you want your child to know about the donor? And what will you tell the world if you become pregnant over the age of 40 and with donor sperm? 

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