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Psychology and infertility

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Most people have an expectation of becoming parents at some point in their lives. When the desired pregnancy does not happen, it can cause many difficult thoughts and feelings. Getting pregnant suddenly becomes a challenge, and it can be shocking to discover that being able to have children is not happening as we had expected.   

For most, this can be alleviated by starting fertility treatment. Today's treatments offer a good chance of success, but often require time and patience. Starting fertility treatment can often bring new hope, but we also know that for, many of our patients, it can lead to increased stress, loss of control and psychological strain.  

How each of us responds to stress is individual, and we all have different coping strategies that we use in difficult situations.   

In any case, there are many things to deal with when starting fertility treatment. You and your potential partner are likely to find yourselves under a lot of physical and psychological pressure, which can be very demanding.   

Infertility can be a life crisis  

Fertility treatment may end up being one of the most difficult periods of your life. When a positive pregnancy test is a long time coming, it is normal to experience emotions such as sadness, anger, jealousy and despair.   

Studies have shown that stress levels are particularly high around the time of egg collection and in the period after egg transfer when the pregnancy test is awaited. You may find yourself feeling extra stressed, pressured, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed.   

Fertility therapy at TFP Stork Fertility   

At TFP Stork Fertility, we place great emphasis on holistic care, and we want to counsel and support you throughout your journey - both physically and mentally.   

We offer and recommend all our patients a free start-up consultation with our Fertility Therapist Mille Duzenius, who specialises in the psychological and social consequences that can arise from infertility and fertility treatment.   

During this consultation, you and your partner will receive knowledge and tools on how to best take care of yourselves during your fertility treatment, so that you/your partner are in the best position to achieve your wish for a child.  

In case of failed attempts and pregnancy loss  

Around one in six women experience depressive symptoms after a year of unsuccessful fertility treatment.   

Experiencing an unsuccessful attempt or pregnancy loss can feel like a huge loss and can cause a stress reaction for many, and these feelings can intensify with each failure. 

At TFP Stork Fertility, we want to help prevent serious psychosocial consequences and ensure that you and your partner can get through fertility treatment as whole people.   

Our fertility therapist is ready to support and advise you throughout your process.   

You can book an appointment by contacting the clinic, your doctor or by writing directly to Mille at  

The initial consultation is free of charge  

Subsequent consultations cost 700 DKK for 60 min.  

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