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We know that egg donation can be a difficult decision - for both egg donor and recipient. That's why it's important that you are thoroughly informed about egg donation before you make your choice. On this page you can read stories and interviews from previous egg donors, see our egg donation results, find the date of our next information session and meet our experienced egg donation team.

Meet our egg donation team

We're passionate about helping women and couples from that first consultation all the way to their dream child. Many have had long periods of fertility treatment before egg donation even becomes an option. We know this requires extra provision of peace of mind, insight and understanding.  


That's why we've brought together some of the best and most experienced people in our egg donation team, so that you/your partner is met in the best possible way.  


Anita Elverdal

ESHRE-certified embryologist


Anne Dorte Bybjerg Præstmark



Nina Lehmann


An egg donor's story:

- An egg donor -

I immediately felt that everything was taken care of and that there was enormous flexibility, so that everything was adapted to my plans. After the egg retrieval they followed up and checked that I had everything as I should. I felt comfortable calling in with any questions I had.

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Interviews with our egg donors   

Read interviews with women who have donated their eggs and helped others create a family:  

Other relevant interviews  

Here you will find interviews on egg donation, double donation and cross-donation:  


Anita Elverdal is egg donation coordinator at TFP Stork Fertility. 

In an interview with KIMEN she talks about egg donation, double donation and cross donation.  

Charlotte is an egg donor child  

I don't feel special or different - read the interview in KIMEN.  

Information sessions on egg donation  

We hold regular information meetings in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where you can learn more about egg donation. Sometimes we are visited by former egg donors and recipients who tell their stories.  

See the dates of all our webinars here.  

How do I get started?  

Have a no-obligation chat with our skilled and caring egg donation team or drop by our next egg donation evening, where we invite egg donors, recipients and donor children.   

See the dates of all our webinars here.  

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