Semen types

Determine the quality and quantity of the donor seeds


Once you have decided on donor sperm treatment and a suitable donor, you first determine how much of the selected donor sperm you would like to order and in what quality.

The "Halmart" distinguishes the degree of preparation of the semen, and the quality or motility "MOT" corresponds to the number of motile sperm per millilitre. We supply the donor semen in so-called "straws" with a volume of 0.3 ml each.

NF - Native Frozen

With this type of semen, the donor semen is frozen unprocessed directly after the donation. Therefore, t must be processed in the laboratory of the gynaecologist in charge before use. Here, you can also choose whether the material should be tested for CFTR. This relatively common hereditary metabolic disorder can lead to cystic fibrosis, a chronic disease of the respiratory tract.

Depending on the natural starting values of the semen, NF straws are offered in motilities between MOT 5 and MOT 40.

For IUI, we recommend 2 straws MOT>16, 3 straws MOT 10-15, or 4 straws MOT<10.

For IVF, we recommend 3-4 straws, and for ICSI, 1 straw is sufficient.

If the local laboratory prefers a more complex gradient preparation of the material, please be sure to consult with the laboratory to discuss the required number of straws.

RTU - Ready-to-use

This quality is significantly more complex to produce but easier to use. RTU semen is processed before freezing and can be used for insemination directly after thawing. RTU donor batches are always CFTR-tested.

Our RTU straws are ideally produced at a motility of MOT 10 (10 million sperm per ml), which means there are approximately 3 million motile sperm in one straw.

For an IUI, we recommend 1 straw MOT>9 or 2 straws MOT 5-9.


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