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Safety and quality are our top priority


The TFP Sperm Bank currently has sperm from over 100 donors in storage, and the number of sperm donors continues to grow. However, quality is more important to us than quantity. On average, only one in fifteen prospective donors meets our strict selection criteria.

Quality and safety have the highest priority in everything we do. This is also reflected in the fact that we are the first, and so far only, sperm bank in Europe to be certified according to the latest, exceptionally demanding ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management. Afterwards, the donor's blood and urine are tested again for infectious diseases.

Multi-stage selection procedure

Before a prospective donor becomes a donor for the TFP Sperm Bank, they undergo a rigorous selection process. First, we get a comprehensive personal impression of the candidate in an initial interview.

If this is positive, we check the sperm quality. The requirements are high, because part of the sperm is lost when the semen is frozen. The sperm density of an accepted donor must therefore be more than twice as high as the average value in the population.

If this is the case, the blood and urine of the prospective donor are examined, most notably for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. We also determine the vitality of the sperm. If these analyses are also satisfactory, a final medical consultation takes place with the candidate. After that, they can make the first donation. Following the donation, we also implement further safety steps:

  • We carry out the blood and urine tests described above every time a donation is made.

  • Every sperm donation is stored frozen in quarantine for at least six months.

  • After six months, the donor's blood and urine are tested again for infectious diseases.

  • Only if the results are completely normal are the sperm released for use.

  • If the results are not normal, this donation and all other donations made by the donor within the last six months are destroyed, and we block the sperm donor himself - usually permanently.

In this way, we ensure that only sperm that is guaranteed to be free of infection risks is sent.

Of course, we are happy to carry out further genetic tests on request - for example, in the case of familial predispositions on the recipient's side.


Essential personal details and external characteristics of our donors such as physique, hair and eye colour, blood group, and rhesus factor can be viewed in the donor profile. Based on these criteria, future parents can select the donor that suits them best.

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