Costs of sperm donation


We do not charge an admission fee or basic fee, which many other providers do for donated sperm. You pay only for the amount of donor sperm ordered, plus the shipping costs of 130 euros within Germany. The invoice is paid after receipt of the sperm samples.

These are the prices of our semen samples (each for one stalk):

  • NF, CFTR-tested: 300€

  • RTU, CFTR-tested: 500€

Shipping costs

  • Shipping costs within Germany (except for patients of TFP Düsseldorf): 130 €

  • Shipping costs abroad: from 450,00 € (on request)


  • Storage of up to 6 straws for a period of 6 months with automatic storage extension for another 6 months: 151,00 €

  • Storage of up to 6 stalks over a period of 12 months with automatic extension of storage for another 12 months: 302,00 €

Arrange your consultation

Contact us to find your desired sperm donor. This is possible by telephone or via our contact form on our homepage. In order to find a sperm donor who matches your criteria or wishes, we need you to complete the criteria sheet and send it to us by post or by mail to info-spermbank_DE@tfp-fertility.com. The criteria form is available for download. After you have sent it to us, we will contact you and, together with you, select a suitable sperm donor.

The price for a matching including telephone or personal consultation on our premises is 50 EUR. We take a lot of time and respond to your individual needs. The service for a matching includes the evaluation of the criteria and handover of 3 donor profiles.

For an order we charge 35 EUR processing fee for document preparation and proper logging of the straws for shipment.

In order to complete the ordering process, please also send us the signed CDB agreement by post.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them. Contact us today!


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