Requirements for sperm donation


Anyone who wants to donate their sperm must meet certain requirements in advance. For the sperm donation itself, we need an above-average number of fertile sperm, because the samples are frozen, stored, thawed, and subjected to important tests. Heredity factors, health, lifestyle, and diet play an important role in the quality of the sperm donor samples.

The other requirements are as follows; we ensure these as part of a selection process:


Generally, you must be between 18 and 38 years old.


You should be in the best of health. Hereditary diseases or chronic diseases in the family are just as much a criterion for exclusion as diseases that could endanger the recipient of the semen - especially infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.


You should also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Any drug use is prohibited, and alcohol or nicotine addiction will also lead to exclusion.


Your appearance and phenotype are initially not a criterion for applying as a sperm donor. It is only important that you do not have any physical ailments or impairments.

Sperm quality

Sperm donors do not only have to be healthy. Since part of the sperm contained die during freezing, a high initial sperm quantity is also necessary. And then there is the question of vitality. Only if a sufficient number of sperm are still active after thawing, i.e. the motility of the sperm is high, can a donation actually be used.

High quality is simply not easy to come by. But regardless of the outcome at the end of the selection process, your willingness to donate is highly valuable!


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