Sperm donation

Good reasons to donate

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There are good reasons for donating sperm - you give people the chance of having a child.

One in seven couples in Germany struggles with fertility problems, and the number is constantly rising. For many couples, starting their own family is an important step in life. Unfortunately, some couples are denied this wish.

Infertility in men

Every year, several thousand couples in Germany receive the surprising and distressing news that the male partner is unable to conceive. Sometimes, it is feared that chemotherapy will damage the male organism with spermatogenesis in the testicles. In other cases, the avoidance of a hereditary disease on the part of the man can lead couples to seek sperm donor treatment.

Treatment of female couples

Same-sex couples rely on the support of sperm donors for family planning. They usually consider the possibility of medically sound, hygienic, and safe donor sperm treatment under medical supervision.

By donating sperm, you help these couples start a family.

Donate sperm! Help to give life!


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