Expense compensation for sperm donation

Do I get money for the sperm donation?


A sperm donation is a social, voluntary service that is not paid for in the true sense of the word. As with donating blood, the focus is on the good deed. Therefore, donors do not receive any remuneration for a sperm donation. Only an expense allowance is paid as financial compensation for the time spent.

This is how you are compensated for your effort

The allowance is 150 euros per donation. It is paid out in two steps. Once you have successfully completed the selection process, you can make regular donations. As a rule, more than 20 sperm donations per year are possible without any problems.

The first instalment

You will receive the first part of the expense allowance of up to 75 euros for a delivered donation at your subsequent donation visit. The prerequisite for this is that the donation has proven to be usable.

The second instalment

You will receive the second part of the reimbursement of up to 75 euros six months after the donation (i.e. after the quarantine period has expired) if the blood and urine tests carried out again at that time do not show any pathological findings.

If there is evidence of relevant infectious or sexually transmitted diseases in the samples, we unfortunately cannot make the second partial payment because the donation cannot be used and must be destroyed.

Your compensation

The amount of compensation does not depend on the number of stalks produced, It is 150 euros per ejaculate.

The compensation has been carefully chosen so that it should represent an appropriate compensation without creating a sole financial incentive.


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