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Are you considering helping people with an unfulfilled desire for a child to achieve family happiness by becoming a sperm donor? Then apply now at TFP Sperm Bank and arrange a non-binding initial consultation. Even after checking all the criteria, we will only register you as a sperm donor if you are fully behind your decision.

Legal notice

Generally, sperm donation in Germany is not anonymous. Intended parents and the donor remain unknown to each other. Therefore, the parent(s) have no possibility to find out information about the identity of the donor or to approach the donor.

As a donor, you also waive all information concerning the specific use of your sperm samples and receive no information about the identity or number of children conceived with the help of your sperm or their parents. You will not be given the opportunity to approach the parents or a child conceived by your sperm on your own initiative. Only the conceived child has the right to know their genetic origin and, therefore, has the opportunity to approach their father when they reach the age of 16. However, the legal establishment of the paternity of the sperm donor is excluded by a provision in the German Civil Code (§ 1600d para. 4 BGB), which exempts the sperm donor from any claims of custody, maintenance, and inheritance.

Further legal information can be found under legal situation for sperm donors.

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