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Many people cannot fulfil their wish to have children naturally - for health reasons or because their life situation does not allow it. Donor sperm offers many of them the only chance to become parents.

Help these people by becoming a sperm donor!

Find out more about the process and the requirements for sperm donation. Here, you will also find all important information on the legal situation as well as on the remuneration of a sperm donation - transparently prepared.

Quality and safety

As a donor with TFP Sperm Bank, you can rely on discretion, quality, and security in all matters - from the first conversation to the delivery of the semen. Certified processes ensure that all parties involved are professionally looked after.

It is no coincidence that we are the first, and currently the only, sperm bank in Europe to be certified according to the latest quality standard ISO 9001:2015.

Contact for sperm donors

Even the first step at our centre in Düsseldorf should be as easy and convenient as possible for you. You have options for arranging an initial consultation as a sperm donor.

Reasons for sperm donation

One in seven couples in Germany struggles with fertility problems, and the number is constantly rising. In order to fulfil their desire to have their own family, many couples and individuals rely on sperm donation. There are many reasons for donating sperm.



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