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For over 17 years, TFP Sperm Bank GmbH (formerly ReproGen GmbH) has been helping couples inside and outside Germany to fulfil their desire to have a child with donor sperm. Through professional procedures and extensive examinations, we guarantee high-quality donations. As part of the TFP Group, we also benefit from the medical expertise gained from over 15,000 fertility treatments per year. This quality is recognised: In April 2016, we were the first sperm bank in Europe to be certified according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management.

Our catalogue currently includes around 100 donors with their characteristic features - including physique, hair and eye colour, blood group, rhesus factor, occupation, star sign, hobbies, and individual character traits. We are always trying to increase the number of sperm donors listed with us.

In order to find the right sperm donor who matches your criteria and wishes, we need you to send us the following criteria form - by e-mail to info-spermbank_de@tfp-fertility.com, fax or post.

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