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Every year, thousands of couples in Germany alone need the help of a sperm donor to fulfil their dream of having their own child - e.g. due to a lack of their own sperm as a result of cancer therapy. As one of the leading sperm banks in Germany, TFP Sperm Bank Germany GmbH has been helping couples conceive a much-wanted child with donor sperm for over 15 years - and not just here in Düsseldorf, but throughout NRW, all over Germany, and also abroad.

The focus of our work is the careful screening and selection of sperm donors. Every donor undergoes extensive medical examinations. This is how we ensure the high quality of our donor sperm.

Your partner on the path to pregnancy

For sperm donors

Sperm donors wanted! Would you like to help couples have the child they want? Familiarise yourself with the procedure, the requirements, the quality standards, and the remuneration of a sperm donation.


For prospective parents

Choosing a donor name is a very personal process. We support you in the decision-making process with our expert and individual advice.

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Why TFP Sperm Bank?

For over 17 years, TFP's sperm bank has been helping infertile couples fulfil their desire to have a child by donating sperm. As a member of the TFP Group, we are at home in the field of artificial insemination. Our focus is on high quality sperm samples, which enables us to achieve a high medical probability of success.

Legal certainty: the German Sperm Donor Register Act

Thanks to the Sperm Donor Register Act, which came into force on 1 July 2018, sperm donors can no longer be established as the legal father with immediate effect. At the same time, donor children are given the opportunity to obtain information about their parentage from the central sperm donor register.



As part of the TFP Group, we strive for excellence in our medical services as well as in the quality of our patients' treatment experience. We are pleased to receive awards and positive references that confirm and encourage us on this path day after day.


Trust our patients

- Maria and Stefan, Parents of Jonas -

Wir sind sehr dankbar, dass wir es geschafft haben mit Hilfe der TFP Sperm Bank unseren lang ersehnten Kinderwunsch zu erfüllen. Wir freuen uns heute unseren 2 Jahre alten Jonas in den Armen zu halten.

- Lukas, Sperm donor -

Was gibt es Schöneres, als einem Paar zu ihrem Traum vom eigenen Kind zu verhelfen? Ich bin froh meinen Beitrag dazu leisten zu können.

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