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There is surely no one who can tell you more about fertility treatment than couples who have undergone treatment themselves. You can get to know more about our patients and their stories here.

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- Parents to be, Nov 14, 2021 -

Our way to miracle was so unusual. We were patients of the TFP Wiesbaden for almost a year and wonderful Dr. Dirk Wallmeier was our appointed doctor. During this period we have prepared ourselves mentally, physically and financially for cycles of In-Vitro fertilisation.

Since we are foreigners we thought it would not be easy for us to communicate, especially because we are both still not yet on the conversational level with German language. Well we were wrong. Every time we would go to the clinic there would be someone from staff who speaks English to assist us. Dr. Wallmeier even noted it down and he would immediately switch to English after he sees us. In addition he explained thoroughly every step of IVF with a lot of devotion to his work.

He is true example that being a medicine specialist is not only about the diploma and experience, but also being someone to rely on, a psychotherapist to couples who are having miserable chances of conceiving the child naturally. Since my wife is having issues with insuline resistance he prescribed medicine called Metformin to balance blood sugar spikes furthermore hormones.

After few months, right before the big hormone injection therapy started, my wife went for one more check-up so doctor can first induce a period which was always irregular by her (few times a year). What seemed to be just a usual day at the clinic turned out to be miracle happening on the Dr. Wallmeiers ultrasound display. He discovered that my wife is in the 17th week of pregnancy and that baby is normally developing :).

Crazy combination of our devotion to the BIG Goal and professional treatment we had at TFP Wiesbaden, led us to the little human being which is about to change our lives forever. Thank you Dr. Wallmeier, Thank you TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden.

- Family Becker - Jul 11, 2017 -

Dear Fertility Clinic Team,

our little daughter came into the world in May, safe and sound. After 7 unsuccessful attempts and devastating times behind us we are incredibly grateful to the whole team to hold our little miracle in our hands. It was our first attempt with you and we felt well-advised and looked after from the start. A special thank you goes to Dr. Michael Amrani and Dr. Eva Rau, who are not only skilled but also kind and empathetic doctors. We hope that our guestbook entry will encourage other patients with severe diagnosis and setbacks not to lose hope. Once again, a big thank you for your amazing work and all the best to your patients!

- Lilly’s Parents - May 30, 2017 -

Dear Fertility Clinic Team, dear Dr. Schorsch,

our beautiful and healthy daughter came into the world in the end of March. We owe her birth and the successful ICSI-treatment to you and your efforts.

We were really impressed by the professionalism, atmosphere, vigilance, the attention to small details, which the whole team showed, as well as the ability to handle a highly sensitive topic.

We would like to thank the whole team from the bottom of our heart. We wish them all the best and to their patients we wish an incredible success as the one we were fortunate to have.

All the best,

the delighted parents of the little Lilly

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