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We are a group of fertility centres and experts in six countries.

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Our fertility centre

A successful fertility treatment is based on in-depth medical knowledge and a relationship of trust. For this reason, we would like to give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our children’s centre and get an initial impression of fertility treatment at TFP.

Our treatments

In our centre, we offer you the entire range of reproductive medical diagnostics and treatment. Our experienced team cares intensively for your individual needs and accompanies you medically, psychologically and empathetically on your way to your desired child.

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Our prices

Our patients in Wiesbaden are naturally also very concerned with the costs of IVF treatment. What costs do patients have to expect for fertility treatment? Can costs be co-financed and if so, by whom and up to what amount? Find out more here.


Our team

Our team is distinguished by their expertise and empathy. Our experienced doctors always work closely with our specialist personnel in order to offer you excellent medical treatment on your journey to having a child. Our team is reliable and trustworthy - always ready to support you in a way that is focused on your individual history and needs.


Contact & directions

At TFP, we place great value on a close and trusting relationship with the couples who undergo fertility treatment. You can contact us both during our consultation times and by appointment.

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Free fertility info events in Wiesbaden

At TFP we place a premium on personal contact with our patients. In order to establish initial contact, we regularly hold free info evenings during which you can get to know our centre and our team. During this event, we provide you with information on our services and treatments. You also have the opportunity to ask your first questions on the topic of fertility treatment.

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Our patients & little miracles

We love assisting couples on their journey to having their child, and we are happy for each new life that is created with our help. We would like to share this joy with you and encourage couples to place themselves in our expert care.

In our guestbook entries and baby gallery, you can get a very personal insight into fertility treatment at TFP.

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Let's talk fertility

Understand family growth options
in a consult with TFP experts in Wiesbaden.