Dr. med. Zübeyda Akyazi-Oberhoffer

Resident in gynaecology, endocrinology and reproductive medicine Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine

Zübeyda Akyazi-Oberhoffer | TFP

Specialist in:

Hormone treatments

IVF treatments



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CV and experience

Language skills:

  • German

  • English

  • Turkish

Our patient testimonials

"Super nice doctor and assistant. Dr. Akyazi gave us a very warm welcome and explained to us quite well what the procedure would be like. My husband and I wanted a child and it worked the first time with the ICSI method. The problem was with my husband and thanks to Dr. Mrs. Akyazi's helpful advice/suggestions, everything went great."

"Super dear doctor. We can only recommend her. She was very nice, friendly and took a lot of time for us. She encouraged us and put us at ease about the treatment. The treatment went well. We can only recommend her.

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