Dipl. med. Kersten Marx

Senior Specialist for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine

Kersten Marx | TFP

Specialist in:

Hormone treatments

Egg Freezing


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CV and experience

Focus Dusseldorf

Specialisation and special achievements

  • Fertility treatment

  • Donor sperm treatment from existing sperm banks

  • Haemostasiological - immunological - genetic aspects of involuntary childlessness

  • "Social freezing of young oocytes in the absence of a partner or other social obstacles to a current pregnancy.

  • Fertility preservation in cases of severe diseases (cryopreservation of oocytes/oval tissue - sperm/testicular tissue)

  • Diagnostics and therapy for repeated (habitual) abortions

  • hormonal problems of the competitive female athlete

  • For 20 years, head of further training for the subspecialisation of gynaecologists as reproductive physicians

  • 30 years of experience in highly specialised fertility treatment (IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, blastocyst ET, cryopreservation)

Language skills

  • German

Our patient testimonials

"We can only say positive things about Mr Marx and the center! Mr Marx is a very competent and also empathetic doctor. He has a committed team and very nice colleagues at his side. We have felt very well looked after and cared for over many, many months. Mr. Marx contacted us not only in his practice but also by phone and gave us the best advice. It is thanks to him and his team that we were able to have two 'wish children', for which we would like to take this opportunity to thank him once again!"

"I went to see Dr Marx together with my mother to find out about social freezing. Mr Marx took a lot of time for us and advised us extensively. I didn't have the feeling that he was interested in making money, but in finding the best solution for me. In the end, I decided to wait and see and revisit the issue in a few years. However, if I should decide to do so, I would do so with Mr Marx. He made a very competent impression on me."

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