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At TFP Kinderwunsch Düsseldorf, we understand the importance of a trusting relationship between the medical team and patients. We make plenty of time for you and your needs and provide you with detailed and competent advice on your treatment options. As a member of the large European TFP network, we are one of the most successful fertility centres in Germany and Europe.

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When it’s safe to do so, join one of our COVID-compliant and free events to hear more about treatments, meet some of the team and visit the clinics!

    Why TFP Kinderwunsch Düsseldorf?

    Individual advice and treatment

    We understand subfertility as a very personal medical problem. Our treatment approaches, therefore, rely on an intimate and personal atmosphere.


    Renowned team of experts

    The Düsseldorf fertility center has been doing pioneering work in fertility treatment for more than two decades. In combination with the TFP Group's renowned doctors and embryologists all over Europe, we promote fertility medicine with a claim to excellence. Our long-standing experience and our doctors’ high degree of specialisation contribute just as much to our successful treatments as our profound understanding of our patients’ needs.

    Team Düsseldorf | TFP

    Our treatments

    Our wide range of therapies includes specialist areas of hormonal treatments, artificial insemination, including IVF and ICSI, and surgical gynecology, such as in the case of endometriosis.

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    As part of the TFP Group, we strive for excellence in our medical services and patient experience. We look forward to receiving awards and positive references that confirm and encourage us on this journey day after day.


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