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a baby girl in a dress laughing

Every time we've helped a child enter this world at TFP Kinderwunsch Berlin is special and wonderful. Our baby gallery will give you a small impression of the great experience of parenthood.


Gender: Female

Date of birth: 15.04.2021

Birth time: 23:10

Parents: Scarlett & Trixi

baby gallery


Gender: Female

Date of birth: 22.09.2020

Birth time: 09:18 h

Parents: Tanja & Toni

baby gallery nele

Carlo & Leano

Gender: Male & male

Date of birth: 06.08.2020

Birth time: 13:55 h

Parents: Jenny & Robert

carlo and leano

Carl Pepe

Gender: Male

Birth date: 11.06.2020

Birth time: 23:08 h

Parents: Julia & Torsten

Carl pepe

Elisabeth Josephine

Gender: Female

Birth date: 17.05.2020

Birth time: 09:33 h

Parents: Julia & Manuel

elisabeth josephine

Paul Luca

Gender: Male

Birth date: 03.04.2020

Birth time: 18:15 h

Parents: Melanie & Tobias

paul luca


Gender: Female

Birth date: 13.03.2020

Birth time: 07:22 h

Parents: Conni & Chris



Gender: Female

Birth date: 28.12.2019

Birth time: 09:31 h

Parents: Sabrina & Ercan



Gender: Female

Birth date: 16.11.2019

Birth time: 15:00 h

Parents: Franca & Alexander



Gender: Female

Birth date: 06.09.2019

Birth time: 08:14 h

Parents: Nancy & Fabian


Helen Marie

Gender: Female

Birth date: 05.09.2019

Birth time: 09:27 h

Parents: Heike & Olaf

helen marie

Jill Esmé

Gender: Female

Birth date: 06.08.2019

Birth time: 01:14 h

Parent: Nastasia

jill esmé

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