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At TFP Fertility in Berlin, our team of international specialists provide tailored treatment plans and expert guidance to all at our clinic in the city centre.

Every person’s journey to parenthood is unique and we’re passionate about helping you have the very best experience.

TFP fertility clinic in Berlin

Benefit from our expertise

Founded in 2000, TFP Kinderwunsch Berlin has set itself the goal of helping single women, same-sex and heterosexual couples who wish to have children achieve their dream.


Today we are part of the TFP Group and draw on the knowledge of their 40+ years of pioneering work in fertility treatment.


Benefit from short waiting times and treatments, 365 days a year.  


With our own hormone laboratory, we can provide a comprehensive endocrinological assessment. 


We create a tailored treatment plan to optimise your chances of success.


Whether you are starting or expanding a family, we can help.

Events at TFP Kinderwunsch Berlin

We regularly organise free information events, both in the fertility centres and online. At our events you can find out in detail about our types of treatment and ask all your questions about wanting a child.

Superior success rates

TFP patients enjoy success rates consistently above industry standards. Book an IVF, ICSI or a range of other treatments at our state of the art Berlin clinic.

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We are there for you

If you would like to know more about us, have a question or would like to make an appointment, please contact us. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Credentials and awards

Referenzen und Mitgliedschaften unseres Zentrums in Berlin

Dear clinic team,

We would like to thank the whole team for their attention and care. It was not easy and this is exactly the reason, why it was so important to be surrounded by experienced and caring people. When we had our son, we succeeded from the first time using artificial insemination and from the second when we had our daughter. In 2013, we were able to first hug our son and in 2015 also our daughter. We are now complete and happy and we enjoy being woken up and beamed at by our mousies.

- Guestbook entry, 11. 07. 2016


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