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We know how tough the journey toward getting pregnant can be. That's why we will be there every step of the way, keeping you informed, supported and cared for in our state-of-the-art clinics and at home.

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You are in safe hands with TFP.

Learn more about what's kept us successful over the last three decades (and counting) and what you and your family can expect when embarking on fertility treatment with us.


We have clinics and centres located across Germany, with plenty more joining the partnership on the horizon. All of our clinics benefit from the shared knowledge from the entire group, including clinics across the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Poland, as well as a number of satellite clinics across northern Europe. Of course, you can also book one of our virtual appointments without even leaving the house.



Getting fertility treatment is a huge moment in any person's life. It's vital that you can trust the people you invite along on this journey. Luckily we're regulated by several international bodies and have hundreds of glowing testimonials from past patients to put your mind at ease.

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Reach our centre via text, email, or by the integrated messaging system in our Patient Portal. You'll also be able to check your appointments, medications, and anything else you need at your fingertips - without any fuss.

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Flexible payment options

Fertility journeys can bring up a whole host of feelings, before, during and after treatment. Speaking to someone can really help. Every patient is entitled to counseling sessions with a qualified counselor to talk through any anxieties or unpleasant feelings you or your partner may be feeling.

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Fertility treatment can present difficult and unique challenges to patients. In recognition of this, and in line with the HFEA Act 1990, all of our centres offer confidential counselling to help explore fears or anxieties that you may experience at any point before, during or after your fertility journey, as part of your treatment.


Priority treatment

You may have to use our services due to illness. Maybe you're an oncology patient who's been advised to freeze eggs or sperm before chemotherapy or radiotherapy. If this is the case, we can help. We'll prioritise your treatment to prevent any delays - just get in touch.

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Mr Mohamed gave us confidence from the very beginning. The centre was always so friendly and I knew we were in safe hands."


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