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Fertility treatment costs & IVF Fund coverage

The costs of your fertility treatment depend on the therapy in question. Often, the IVF Fund and health insurance companies cover a large part of the costs of IVF and other popular treatment options.

TFP fertility treatment in Austria

In addition to many questions about the various treatments, most couples who wish to have a child are naturally also curious about the costs of IVF & other fertility treatments.

How much does artificial insemination cost exactly? Can costs be co-financed and if so, by whom and how much? Our pages on the costs of fertility treatment - listed below - should provide some answers.

The IVF Fund

The costs of fertility treatment (IVF & a selection of other treatments) are borne to a large extent by the IVF Fund. The Austrian IVF Fund bears 70% of the costs of treatment and medication. In order to benefit from the support of the IVF Fund, certain conditions must be met including on the grounds for the request, age and health insurance status.

Costs of IVF in Austria

Costs as a private patient

Couples who do not qualify for support from the IVF Fund must cover 100% of the costs of the treatment and medication themselves. For these couples, the issue of cost is therefore particularly important. Find out here which costs apply and average costs of fertility treatment according to example scenarios.

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Patients with German health insurance

Couples wanting to have a child who are insured in Germany may in some circumstances wish to undergo fertility treatment at one of our Austrian fertility clinics. Before starting treatment, check with your insurer whether your German health insurance will also support you with your fertility treatment costs in Austria. Find more information on our dedicated info-page.

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