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Fertility treatment costs & IVF Fund coverage

The costs of your fertility treatment depend on the therapy in question. Often, the IVF Fund and health insurance companies cover a large part of the costs of IVF and other popular treatment options.

TFP fertility treatment in Austria

Scenario 1 - In-vitro-fertilisation with own gametes (IVF)


IVF treatment with embryo culture up to max. day 5, incl. matching (RI Witness), embryo transfer


Geri TimeLaps

Medicines for hormonal stimulation*

* Price of medication depends on type of medication used, dose and time taken.

Scenario 2 - Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


IUI treatment, follicle monitoring, semen preparation** incl. matching (RI Witness) and semen transfer

Medicines for hormonal stimulation*

* Price of medication depends on type of medication used, dose and time taken.

** Donated sperm available on request

Scenario 3 - Cryopreservation


Hormonal treatment, thawing of embryos, embryo transfer

Medicines for hormonal stimulation*

* Price of medication depends on type of medication used, dose and time taken.

Scenario 4 – Social Freezing



Medicines for hormonal stimulation*

Annual storage costs

* Price of medication depends on type of medication used, dose and time taken.

IVF fund

Since 2002, the IVF Fund in Austria has financially aided couples with infertility in going through IVF treatment.

The IVF Fund finances 70% of the costs for treatment and medications. This is valid for four attempts at fertility treatment. The couple desiring children must therefore pay 30%.

The following treatments are co-financed by the IVF Fund during the course of IVF treatment:

These treatments, however, are NOT supported by the IVF Fund:

Requirements for funding

Main residence and citizenship

As of 1.10.2018, at least one partner of the couple must have their main residence in Austria.

Entitlement to cost coverage exists for:

  • Austrian citizens

  • Citizens of an EEA member state

  • Swiss citizens

  • Persons who have a residence title or a "Residence Permit Plus".

  • Persons entitled to asylum pursuant to § 3 Asylgesetz 2005, who have a permanent right of entry and residence

Health insurance

For both partners, proof of eligibility for benefits from either the statutory health insurance or a private Austrian or foreign health insurance must be submitted.

Age limits

At the time of the start of the In-Vitro Fertilisation attempt, the woman must not have reached the age of 40 (40th birthday) and the man or the partner of the woman who intends to carry the child to term must not have reached the age of 50 (50th birthday).

If during an attempt one of the two partners reaches the age limit, the current treatment can still be completed at fund cost; however, a further attempt with support from public funds is no longer possible afterwards.

Medical indications for cost coverage

Financing through the fund from a medical point of view can be applied for by us on your behalf if at least one of the following causes of infertility is present.


  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Endometriosis

  • Blocked tubes or severely impaired function of the fallopian tubes


  • Severely impaired morphological semen quality

  • Too little mobility of the sperm

  • Azoospermia (no sperm present in the ejaculate)

There is no entitlement to co-financing in the case of infertility due to a previous sterilisation performed by the man or woman at their own request. There is nevertheless an entitlement if the partner has a qualifying indication and if sterilisation was demonstrably carried out for medical reasons.

Costs for private patients

The issue of costs is of course a very important point for couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children when planning their fertility treatment. The price list below applies for couples who do not receive any support from the IVF fund. As a so-called self-payer or private patient, you are required to pay 100% for the treatment and medication costs yourself.


If the following criteria do NOT apply to you, find out how the IVF fund will help cover the costs.

You are required to pay as a private patient:

  • When either of the partners has intentionally taken measures to avoid falling pregnant (e.g. intentional tubal ligation or spermatic cord ligation)

  • You work outside of Austria and you are insured with a foreign social insurance;

  • You do not have a resident permit for Austria.

Tip: If you are a German citizen, take a look at the financial support on our German health insurances page.

Help from German health insurance companies

Do you live in Germany but are considering having artificial insemination performed in one of our TFP fertility clinics in Austria? If so, it is important to find out in advance about all the information on how German health insurance companies cover the costs of fertility treatment.

If the costs can neither be covered by the fund nor by health insurance, you will have to pay for the treatment costs yourself.


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