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Above-average treatment success at our fertility clinic in Vienna

The TFP fertility centre Vienna stands for above-average treatment success in fertility treatment. The basis for this is our expert medical team around Prof. Dr. Nouri - your specialist for fertility treatment.

The interplay between the latest medical technologies, successful and diverse treatment methods and many years of experience, patients receive outstanding care and medical treatments at the TFP fertility centre in Vienna. Additionally, our reproductive physicians and embryologists are in constant contact with each other and thus ensure an ideal knowledge transfer and exchange of fertility treatments - both within and outside the TFP Group.

Pregnancy rates by age cohort and clinic according to IVF fund 2017

A successful pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a child is the most important goal for our fertility treatments in our TFP fertility clinic Vienna - as is for all our TFP clinics. In this context, it is important to track pregnancy rates, in order to be evaluated and present our treatment success in the best way possible.

The above-average treatment success of the TFP fertility clinic in Vienna is illustrated in the 2017 IVF fund report. This report provides information on pregnancy rates according to age cohorts and clinics in Klagenfurt, Wels and Vienna and uses the 2017 national average in Austria for comparison. Here, the three TFP clinics and especially the TFP clinic Vienna is above the national average in the age groups of 25-29, 30-34 and 35-39.

In detail, the pregnancy rate for the Vienna fertility centre in 2017 was:

  • 41% for the 25-29 age group, compared to the national average of 28%.

  • For the 30-34-year-olds, the pregnancy rate even reached 52% for the TFP Clinic Vienna, compared to national average of 32%.

  • The group of 35-39-year-old patients had a pregnancy rate of 35%, which is higher than the national average of 30%.

  • Only the age cohort of the 40+ patients is approximately equal to the national average: In 2017, this was 22% for the Vienna fertility centre and 23% for the national average.

Basics of the IVF study 2017

The evaluation of the study includes all trials completed in 2017, which were fully documented in the IVF register until the cut-off date (February 11th, 2018). Additionally, the study includes all older trials that could not be included in the previous year's annual report, as these trials were not yet completed or fully documented at the time. Successful trials are those in which a cardiac action was detected on the basis of an ultrasound examination (from the 5th week after the embryo transfer).

According to the IVF study, the number of trials in Austrian IVF centres in 2017 was 1.2% higher than in the previous year (10,216 trials by 6,766 couples). This results in an average rate of 1.5 treatment cycles per woman in 2017. The study also gives an accurate indication of the relationship between the age groups of women and the number of trials performed per couple. 39% of the women were in the age group 31-35, followed closely by 34% of 36-40-year-olds.

Data evaluation for 2017

The evaluation of the study included all completed trials in 2017, which were fully documented in the IVF register by February 11, 2018. In addition, the study contains all older experiments that could not be included in the annual report of the previous year because these experiments were not yet completed or not fully documented at the time. Those experiments are considered to be successful in which an ultrasound examination (from the 5th week after the embryo transfer) found heart activity.

According to the IVF study, the Austrian clinics and centers recorded 10,216 attempts by 6,766 couples in 2017. Most women, 39%, are in the 31 to 35 age group, followed by the 36 to 40 year olds at 34%. 22% of women are between 26 and 30 years old, only 5% are under 26 years old. This age distribution of women corresponds to the distribution in previous years.

State-of-the-art technology for ideal treatment results

The use of the latest medical instruments is an important building block for successful treatments at our TFP fertility centre in Vienna. The Geri Incubator, which completely redefines the demands placed on incubators, must be mentioned here. In the so-called time-lapse method, the embryos are photographed every 5 minutes by a microscopic camera built into the Geri incubator. It is then possible to assemble these images into a continuous film: this process is called "Time Lapse".

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